New Zune Support pages

A bit of news coming out of the Zune Insider podcast this week: Zune Support pages have been revamped, with a new landing page, easily navigated support categories (Zune software, Zune on Windows Phone 7, Zune on Xbox Live, etc.), FAQs, and links to Microsoft Answers, Zune Support’s Twitter account, and more:


The support pages have been revamped for a number of countries/languages, including the US, Great Britain, France, etc., but interestingly, although Canada now (finally) is getting Zune HD apps, the Canada support page hasn’t been updated, go figure.

And while we remain big fans of Zune, indications continue to be uncovered that point to a name change, at least. reported this week on a Microsoft Careers job posting for an “Xbox Live Music Marketplace Business Manager”, including some telling responsibilities:

The position is responsible for management of relationships with two of the four major record labels as well as a number of high profile indie labels, and creating strategies around content to drive the Zune Music business.

We reported on speculation that a Zune rebranding could be in the works last February, as any mention of Zune was conspicuously absent from the big Nokia/Microsoft partnership announcement.  Things got a little testy since then, with Microsoft (faintly) defending Zune, but the “Z” word wasn’t mentioned (at least prominently) at Mix, and we still believe that some sort of Zune/Xbox Live consolidation has been/is in the works.

(via enConnected)